North | Woodlands Regional Centre

North of Singapore third Central Business District (CBD), Woodland Regional Center have Woodland Center and Woodlands North Coast District.Woodland Regional Center has 700,000sqm of new commercial space planned and more than 100ha of developable land for expansion. This region would have 30ha of land is envisioned to produce about 350,000sqm of new office and retail space. The North of Singapore will anchor the area as a regional hub of opportunities as Singapore's 3rd CBD.

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Woodland Regional Centre

Woodlands Regional Centre is another target region that is being focused to becoming the 3rd Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore. Woodlands Central is a future retail and mixed use cluster, while Woodlands North Coast will be the business and residential cluster with 4 unique precincts. Part of the precincts are:

  • Admiralty Park & Waterfront Residential Precincts: Waterfront and garden residences
  • Central Boulevard Mixed Use Precinct: Office and business park uses along signature green boulevards
  • Northshore Innovation Precinct: Business opportunities for SMEs

To accommodate different business needs, it will house the first business park in the North, in addition to office developments.

By so doing, property prices will be affected as the region grows to meet the projected standard providing diverse environment for business and job opportunities for residents. This is practically visible in the next 10 to 15 years. The development of the north coast shall be channeled towards becoming an innovative corridor buzzing with ideas, creative design by the growth of Woodlands Regional Center.   This growth is characterized by new transport connections, fresh commercial space and room to grow. Northern Gateway set within a lush green environment and a lovely waterfront view.

Thomson MRT Line has being instrumental to transportation system developments in the region. It has being planned to host an interchange station having a future border rail link to Malaysia in 2019. This development commenced in 2014 with the sale of two sites for commercial use around the existing Woodlands MRT station.

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Woodland Regional Centre

Creating Transport Oriented Developments

At the moment, Woodland Regional Center is having a channel with Woodlands North-South Line MRT station and Woodlands Bus Interchange which shall be improved by the completion of the new Thomson Line stations at Woodlands. Also, the future Rapid Transit (RTS) Link to Johor will bring important accessibility features to the city.

The Woodlands Regional Centre is currently well served by the existing Woodlands North-South Line MRT station and Woodlands Bus Interchange, However, the upcoming completion of the new Thomson Line stations at Woodlands and a planned future Rapid Transit (RTS) Link to Johor, will bring out excellent accessibility and the greatness of the city.

Capitalising on the Waterfront

Due to the importance of the relationship that exist between the two districts of Woodlands Central and Woodlands North Coast , the existing water front park is planned to be extended and enhance connectivity of the two districts to the waterfront via a pair of signature green boulevards and a pedestrian mall. This unique waterfront location and assets characterized Woodland Regional Center to be the Northern Gateway to Singapore.

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Woodlands Waterfront Living

More importantly, the region at the peak of its development would produce attractive streets which aid the growth in the economic activities. This would as well be evident as it will create an intimate open air shopping street and connection to the existing MRT and bus interchange all over the heart of the district. This provides a focal point for shopping and community events. Moreover, the residents can also look forward to an upgraded bus interchange.

Woodlands North Coast - Waterfront Gateway 

New Business Opportunities

Woodland third CBD of the North Singapore | SG Luxury Condo

Singapore 3rd CBD of the North | Woodlands

  • Setting aside land for Small & Medium Enterprises - A gridded network allows for flexible size configurations to respond to market needs
  • Creating a green business campus - Low-rise buildings nestled in lush greenery and undulating terrain to create a distinctive business address

In conclusion, the following shall be the beneficial features of the Woodland North coast,

  • More employments opportunity as land will be set aside to cater for small and medium enterprises. The creation of new offices which shall benefit from its proximity to the Thomson Line MRT station.
  • Tendency for office workers to have good access to eateries and refreshment as most Commercial streets will be lined with eateries and amenities.
  • Access route that will aid the transportation and business transactions in and out of Malaysia with the future border rail link